Our Church organization is a religious and charitable institution, dedicated to the research, study, expansion, deepening, clarification, and teaching of Buddhist, Spiritual, moral, psychological, scientific, and religious principles that tend to Uplift humanity, and to the financial and practical support of other organizations, groups, and individuals whose values and activities reflect those ideals. The Temple Foundation has been established, under the auspices of our organization, to serve those needs. Our organization has been serving since 1988, and has branches, members, and students worldwide.

Study: Please feel free to read the many, many pages of teaching materials that are already posted, by visiting the active links above. Some of the pages on our website offer definition and clarification of the Sanskrit terminology we often use, along with the corresponding principles from the teaching. We will have all the public areas of our website completed and posted soon. We had hundreds of pages of written teaching posted on our public website for many years, but our website has been undergoing a significant expansion and transformation, and all of the older materials will be re-posted in the public areas, along with hundreds of pages of newer materials, when the technical work is completed. The original, older teaching materials, and much more newer teaching, will be included when our new website is completed. We also plan to format and provide most of the known ancient Buddhist scriptures, also called Sutras, here on our website; those links are not yet active. Please do not write to the Church and ask for more teaching materials to be sent directly to you, since all the publicly-available materials are already posted, or will be posted, here on the public area of our website. Thank you for your understanding.

Copyright Notice: The written materials we are providing, are offered freely and at no charge for the benefit of the relatively few serious seekers of the Higher Life. But, the materials on our website are under copyright. Do not plagiarize or reproduce any of the materials we are providing. The only material on our website that is not copyrighted, is the PDF book titled "Sadhana," which you can find at one of the links above, and can reproduce and distribute freely to others.

Formal Members: A small number of the public areas are not yet formatted and posted, but current formal members can continue to log-in to the forum and to the other community services as usual. If you are a formal member, you have already been given your log-in credentials and the correct and secure URLs. If you are a formal member, and you need other forms of assistance, please contact the center nearest you by phone or e-mail, or write to the members' general e-mail address below. Please provide your full name, and your address and complete contact information, when writing, so that we can properly direct your enquiry: Staff [At]

Public Contact: If you are not a formal member, then all enquiries can be sent to this address: Enquiries [At] Please note that our website domain name is not for sale. Thank you for your understanding.

Encrypted Communications: In this age of mass surveillance, many people are increasingly choosing methods of electronic communication that are more private and more secure. You can find information about contact through PGP and other methods on this .

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