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Amroli Yog Peeth
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Welcome To

Amroli yog peeth

Welcome to Amroli Yogpeeth

1) To convey the complete knowledge system of attaining self-realization through yoga.
2) To establish Panchmahabhuta Yoga Ashram for the purpose of preserving Indian culture.
3) To provide physical, mental, social, economic, spiritual and overall health care for the overall development of the human race.
4) To impart knowledge of singing, dancing and playing to the society through Kala Niketan.
5) To teach the human race how to live in the current situation.
6) By suggesting the way to the fairy of both right and wrong through the foundation.
7) Donate health to people through yoga naturopathy and Shivambu.
8) To set up a Goshala and reach out to the healthy people.
9) To provide Indian vocational training and guidance to the educated unemployed in the society.
10) To run various schemes through the organization by establishing Sanskar Kendra.
11) To provide employment by imparting training in organic farming.
12) To preserve the environment and save human beings from pollution through the concept of "Prayer Seed".
13) Establishment of Amoroli Yoga Pitha.
14) To scientifically explain the knowledge of self-development and earthly goal to people of all castes and religions through 'Gauri Swasthya Vidya Mandir'.
15) Explain the importance of development of holistic happy cell from food cell.
16) Manushya Seva Hi Ishwar Seva 'Ishwar Pranidhan' should be understood as Yoga Dharma.
17) Teaching to get rid of stress, anxiety, anger and fear of death.
18) To convey the essence of Bhakti Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Karma Yoga and Gyan Yoga to the society through Gauri Yoga.
19) Teaching Narad Bhakti Sutras 'Parampremarupa' to Samadhi through music to the experiences of Yoga.
20) To bring truth to every person in the world through yoga, to bring about the change of "everything is abundant" with positive thinking without lack of time, place and money to acquire knowledge.

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